Property EconomicsProperty Economics deliver a range of personalised services including:

Retail Economic & Strategic Planning

Retail Centre Market Assessments
Store Network Optimisation Strategies
Retail Sales Modelling
Market Share Analyses
Retail Impact Assessments
Market Segmentation
Customer Demographic Profiling
Retail Floorspace (Supply) Audits
Economic Impact Peer Reviews
Retail Trend Analyses
Environment Court Expert Witness
Residential Demand / Supply Analyses
Target Market Assessments
Residential Price Point Analysis
Residential Sale Rate Forecasting
Growth Trend Studies
Future Land Requirement Modelling

Economic Research & Modelling

Economic Impact Assessments
Projecting Economic Activity
Policy and Cost Benefit Analyses
Economic and Social Development Strategies
Financial Analyse
Viability Models
Comparative Advantage Assessments
Competitive Advantage Assessments
Economic Efficiency Assessments
Business Activity Generation Assessments

Consumer Research and Profiling:

Telephone Surveys
Intercept Surveys
Demographic Profiling
Market Segmentation
Business to Business Interviews
Consumer Profiling